Organic Cacao Powder 225g
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 The benefits of raw cacao powder:
1.Increase Bliss with Cacao: Raw Cacao is one of the healthiest foods you can consume and contains the mood booster, anandamide — known as at the bliss molecule, which gives you a feeling of euphoria. 
2.Protect Your Heart and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease: Raw Cacao is an anti-inflammatory and heart protective antioxidant. Raw cacao in chocolate can reduce the risk of stroke and help improve blood circulation. 
3.Cacao Can Prevent Premature Aging: Raw cacao has the same polyphenol antioxidants as green tea and red wine.  
4.Cacao Can Help You Shed Fat: Drinking a cup of hot cacao before nutritious meals can help you shed fat. This is due to raw cacao’s MAO inhibitors, which reduce appetite. 
5.Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally: Many studies show that the benefits of raw cacao are found to be decreased blood pressure. To get the most health benefits out of raw cacao, put 2bsp of our raw cacao powder in hot water or organic, vegan milk. There are many more physical and mental health benefits of raw cacao chocolate, including better sleep, lower fatigue, and stronger hair, skin and nails. Including a moderate intake of raw cacao in your lifestyle can improve your well-being and longevity.

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