Down To Earth, Dubai is a humble endeavor to contribute to the social & environmental well-being of the planet. We aim to provide our customers with products that facilitate a healthy, chemical free & responsible lifestyle.

The UAE is now home to a very large number of people and the choices that each one of us makes in terms of what we eat and wear reflects on how we treat the local as well as global environment, we promote the consumption of organically grown produce, either local or sourced from countries closest to UAE to reduce the carbon impact of our foods.

Down To Earth has been providing various organic and chemical free product options in food, textiles and cosmetics to the residents of UAE since early 2011. We are a recent venture and aim to educate the consumer on making choices that are responsible towards both; the environment and society. Food grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides contributes to the environment and the farmer’s health. We buy directly from the farmers who grow organically, hence supporting their livelihood.
The products that we sell at the store are produced without the use of any synthetic chemicals hence maintaining and improving soil fertility, reducing the toxicity of the soil.